What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

What is augment reality

Augmented reality(AR) is that the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital info onto it. In contrast to virtual reality (VR), AR doesn’t produce the total artificial environments to exchange real with a virtual one. AR seems in a direct read of an existing atmosphere and adds sounds, videos, graphics thereto.

A view of the physical real-world atmosphere with superimposed computer-generated pictures, so dynamic the perception of reality, is the AR.

The term itself was coined back in 1990, and one in every of the primary business uses were in tv and military. With the increase of the web and smartphones, AR unrolled its second wave and these days is usually associated with the interactive conception. 3D models are directly projected onto physical things or consolidated along in time period, numerous increased reality apps impact our habits, social life, and therefore the show business.

AR apps usually connect digital animation to a special ‘marker’, or with the assistance of GPS in phones pinpoint the situation. Augmentation is going on in real time and at intervals, the context of the atmosphere, as an example, overlaying scores to live feed sports events.

There are 4 types of augmented reality today:

  • Markerless AR
  • Marker-based AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Superimposition-based AR

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