What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

What is augment reality

Augmented reality(AR) is the technology which expands our physical universe, incorporating layers of electronic information on it. Compared to virtual reality (VR), AR does not create the overall artificial surroundings to exchange real using a virtual reality. AR appears at a direct read of an present setting and provides videos, sounds, pictures thereto.


A perspective of the physical real world setting with superimposed computer-generated images, so lively the perception of fact, is your AR.


Together with the gain of the internet and smartphones, AR unrolled its next wave and nowadays is generally connected with the interactive conception. 3D models are directly projected onto physical things or merged along in time frame, numerous enhanced reality apps affect our customs, social life, and so the display enterprise.


AR apps usually join digital cartoon to a particular’mark’, or with the aid of GPS in phones pinpoint the circumstance. Augmentation is happening instantly and in times, the circumstance of the air, for instance, overlaying scores to reside feed sports occasions.


There are 4 Kinds of augmented reality now:

Markerless AR

Marker-based AR

Projection-based AR

Superimposition-based AR

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