Which are the companies for home automation in India?

Silvan Technologies is headquartered in 2008 and also this Business targeted at providing automation solutions for offices, homes and hotels. We pioneered the idea of home automation. Our partners are dispersed across the majority of the cities in India. We aim in establishing our business by providing successful solutions supported on advanced technologies and alternatives.

Cubical Labs provides high quality, dependable and reasonably priced solution to monitor or control the electric appliances remotely with minimal human effort inside the Indian sector. Their products cover a broad selection of utilities collectively with surveillance, management, energy tracking and intellect. Cubical Labs eDomoticsIFI Homes.

Metagan may be a top Web Of Things innovator & venture based in 2015 focused on creating end-to-end related solutions for contemporary client, SMEs & massive enterprises. Metagan Technologies is to offer easy, secure & standard automation alternatives to the world.

Oakter is utilized to solve technology issues faced by houses. Oakter was created in 2015. Oakter has rapidly gained prominence among the primary Business in Indian house automation marketplace. They manufacture products which ease to create your house appliances such as AC, geyser, water heaters, space heater, rice cooker and so forth. Oakter requires strict measures to make certain protection and security of its clientele. IFIHomes manufactures goods in various domains together with house automation, stable eyesight, bright light, as well as solar goods. We also have worried the initiative to market decent quality and services products to create living easy and secure. The majority of the products which we’re promoting are easy and will be set up with basic understanding. We only provide quality products and solutions with a warranty.

Thasmai is among the Home automation vendors in Bangalore. It provides Home Automation and Home Theater options for you by creating the products and systems that you currently have and use daily work together. Oakter HomeBrain HomeBrain is a top IT allowed automation consulting, integration and designing firm.

EDomotics was launched in 2011. It’s a lifestyle company, motivated and driven by notions that guarantee — comfort, convenience, security & security. The business provides a one-stop solution to your end-to-end automation needs — consulting, planning, system design, setup and repair.

SharpNode Technologies Silvan Technologies In fact, through telephone, you are able to command your devices with Inoho well as on the net. Metagan Inoho Thavsmai With technological progress in most growing nations around the world, house automation alternatives are evolving constantly and are used in a variety of programs through residential, hospitality and industrial segments.

Home automation methods refer to all of such systems, whether employed as one program or as integrated options which are utilized to automate processes like turning to the AC, controlling lights, handling entry panel and gate, running smart appliances at a home, and a lot more. Several wireless technologies are used in home automation methods, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee as well as inside the Indian marketplace, Z-Wave.

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