Which are the companies for home automation in India?

home automation companies

With technological advancements in many growing countries across the world, home automation solutions are evolving continuously and are utilized in a range of applications through residential, industrial and hospitality segments. Home automation systems refer to all such systems, whether used as a single application or as integrated solutions that are used to automate procedures such as turning on the AC, dimming lights, managing entrance gate and cameras, running smart appliances in a house, and many more. Numerous wireless technologies are utilized in home automation systems, which includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and, within the Indian market, Z-Wave. There are numerous Companies in this field like Oakter, Inoho, IFIHOMES.com, Silvan Innovation Labs, eDomotics, SharpNode, Home Brain, MSK Technology, Thasmai Automation and Metagan among others.


Oakter is set to resolve technology problems faced by Indian homes. Oakter was established in 2015. Oakter has quickly gained prominence as one of the main Company in Indian home automation market. They manufacture products that facilitate to make your home appliances like AC, geyser, water pump, room heater, rice cooker and so on. Oakter takes strict measures to make sure security and protection of its clients.


Inoho helps you to control your lights, fans, geysers, ACs and so on from your smartphone even while you are not at home. In reality, with Inoho, you can control your devices through phone so well as over the internet.


IFIHomes manufactures products in different domains together with home automation, secure vision, smart light, also as solar products. We have also concerned the initiative to promote satisfactory services and quality products to make living simple and secure. Most of the products that we are promoting are simple and therefore will be installed with basic knowledge. We only offer quality solutions and products with a guarantee.


HomeBrain is a leading IT enabled automation consulting, designing and integration company. They have developed products across many domains such as Security, Lighting and Drapes, Entertainment, Climate and Appliance Management.

Cubical Labs

Cubical Labs provides top quality, reliable and affordable solution to control or monitor the electrical appliances remotely with minimal human effort within the Indian market. Their products include home automation products together with a few peripheral ones for households, offices, hotels etc. Their products cover a wide range of utilities together with surveillance, control, energy monitoring and intelligence.


SharpNode Technologies

SharpNode Technologies are working on products involving microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, integrated circuits, wireless devices like WLAN, Bluetooth and many more, that are fundamental components for connecting things around you to a cloud-based internet. We aim at building our business by delivering effective solutions supported on innovative technologies and solutions.


Metagan could be a leading Internet Of Things innovator & enterprise established in 2015 focused on developing end-to-end connected solutions for modern customer, SMEs & large enterprises. It manufactures products across numerous domains as well as Security & Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Smart City Automation, Healthcare Automation, Agriculture Automation and Vehicle Automation. Metagan Technologies is to provide simple, secure & customary automation solutions to the globe.

Silvan Technologies

Silvan Technologies is Founded in 2008 and This Company targeted on providing automation solutions for homes, offices and hotels. We pioneered the concept of home automation within the residential building market. We have our own offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, Jaipur and Surat in India. Our sales partners are spread across most of the main cities in India.


eDomotics was started in 2011. It is a market leader in Integrated Solutions for Automation, Lighting and Audio-Video systems. It is a lifestyle corporation, inspired and driven by concepts that promise – comfort, convenience, security & protection. The company gives a one-stop solution for your end-to-end automation wants – consulting, planning, system design, set up and repair.


Thasmai is one of the leading Home automation sellers in Bangalore. It gives Home Automation and Home Theater solutions for you by making the products and systems you already have and use every day work together. In addition, they provide home security solutions which including CCTV System, Anti-Burglary System, Video Door Phone, and Biometric Locks.

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